Vitality Health Insurance Benefits & Plans

Vitality Health Insurance

Hey, today I'm going to discuss Vitality Health Insurance & will tell you about its benefits.

A South African company called Discovery Holding is running & owning Vitality. Discovery holdings is an enormous insurance company, having over 4 million customers worldwide.

Discovery Holdings started an insurance concept in the UK with the help of Prudential in 2007. They started in the United Kingdom with only two products & got great success.

Following are the products that they offer at the time of starting insurance in the UK:

  1. PruHealth
  2. PruProtect
Now Vitality Health is one of the best health insurance provider in the UK.

The Vitality Health is offering medical health insurance plans with some key features. Vitality Health Insurance is the product that can you customize according to your needs. There are too many companies available in the market that are offering best health insurance plans.

So, I suggest before buying a policy, you should compare health insurance plans from different insurers & buy the best plan for you. Also, by comparing quotes you can save some bucks. One more thing that choosing the right insurance policy is also very important & have many factors that you should remember.

What Does Vitality Ask You Before Issuing a Health Insurance Policy?

Before issuing you a health policy, Vitality always asks you for your personal health & will do a full health checkup. After this health checkup, they will issue you a health insurance policy. Vitality also gives a no claim bonus of 65%, it can be increased up to 85%. You can use this discount at the time of renewal.


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